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July 21 Meeting Recap

Goal Statements

1. Maximize the economic impact and community benefits of new development opportunities.

2. Define and reinforce the identity of North Canton and highlight the community’s assets.

3. Improve access to and connectivity between key areas, especially for pedestrians and bicyclists.

4. Redefine the city’s core as a regional destination.

5. Expand opportunities for recreation, active living, and social interaction.

6. Accommodate the needs and preferences of current and prospective residents, including housing options and amenities geared toward aging populations, young families, and the student population.

7. Promote ecological sustainability and address flooding concerns by integrating natural systems into the built environment.

Click here to download and read the minutes from the first meeting (PDF Document).


Click here to view photos from the July Master Plan meeting




The Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative presentation from the public meeting:

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Having trouble viewing the Prezi presentation? Click here to view a simple slide show from the meeting!

Corridors under consideration for improvement

Click here to view the corridors under consideration for improvement (3.6 MB)
(Applegrove Street, Charlotte Street, Bachtel Street, Bonnett Street, and Greenway Road)

Click here to view the corridors under consideration for improvement (4.6 MB)
(Greenway between 7th & 9th Streets, Portage-Charlotte Streets, Witwer Street & Hower Street, 7th Street)